About Us

About us - Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver niche, bespoke and immaculately designed developments that give pleasure to its users as deep green structures.

The Yeangs Sdn. Bhd. is a niche and bespoke developer with in-house architecture capabilities by its sister company, T.R. Hamzah & Yeang Sdn. Bhd. Our company brings our investors and property partners, planning and development works that are carefully thought and valued.

Our buildings, urban planning and city developments are unmatched in value propositions, where every detail are analyzed from inception of our projects to ensure our development are:

  • market & product driven
  • mindful of improved GDV
  • bioclimatic & eco conscious
  • promising in-house architecture
  • energy saving and cost efficient
  • profitable with value appreciation
  • mimic nature to cut running costs